Worth in Action

There was a time when I thought very little of myself. It didn’t end there however. There was also the belief that this type of thinking was somehow holy. The definition of holy is simply to be “set apart.” After finding out that plenty of people also think very little of themselves, I began to understand that this was not a “holy” condition.

The belittling of myself was just the beginning. This choice had started reflecting itself in my relationships, my work life, the way I took care of myself and so on. Now that I look back, it’s crazy and obvious at the same time how when I started choosing to honor myself, my life started changing.

No, I’m not talking about being “selfish” (but even if I were, selfishness is not a sin, rather a condition), I’m speaking of honor. There are ways to both honor our self and maintain holiness.

A few ways to do this include:

  1. Honing our skills. Choosing to further develop our skills helps us to honor the gifts that we have while at the same time making it possible to be set apart. Not everyone takes the time, money, or otherwise to do this. We can do this by looking at the really specific skills that make us original and choosing to make them count.
  2. Sticking to the plan. Being one that “sticks to it” is honorable in and of itself. When we choose to be people like this we make ourselves and others look good. What’s more honorable than that?
  3. Get wisdom and understanding. (prov. 4:5) Get them both, do not neglect it… It goes on to say in Proverbs, though it cost all you have… This is a sacrifice. Losing something to gain another something has always been both honorable and holy.

If we have ever found ourselves in a position where we feel like we are forced to choose between us and another human being. We can remember that there is another way. If we have ever found ourselves condemning ourselves about certain things we choose to do to promote value within us, we can take heart in this.


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