Words Say A Lot

Don’t they?

You’ve heard it said that pictures speak louder than words. But that’s all mental, isn’t it.

We can look at a picture and surmise exactly what it is we want it to say to us. Perhaps debate over an interesting piece of artwork, wondering what the artist was truly trying to say with it.

Pictures speak loudly to our minds. But do they speak out to our hearts, our imaginations, for something to take hold of them indefinitely and ultimately be produced?

Now words, are another matter. They leave no room for confusion. Once they are loosed into the atmosphere they come with a power pack punch that cannot be reversed.

Have you ever wondered how can one be vague with words?

We cannot. Even when we try we are left beating a dead bush. We start to sound foolish in light of it all. It’s only because we have lost our way. We are not using words for thier intended purpose. To build up and encourage. To defend and deem. Words can also be used negatively, to criticize and condemn, but don’t try to do both at the same time. Words and meaning go together. As it were, we cannot speak one thing and mean another. When our words speak, heart-filled actions are soon to follow.

This may seem too much or maybe too final for some of us. Indeed, our very own words have caused disfunction in the past.

It’s only a starting point. The past is the past. But the future… (fill in this blank with your words… and don’t forget to be kind).


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