Wondering, without wandering

When I was in fifth grade, I remember my teacher, “Mr. Moore” once told my parents that I have great potential, and that I was very good at problem resolution. The only trouble that he saw was one of daydreaming. I used to tune everything out and daydream in class, while I was supposed to be listening to the teacher.
After my parents discussed this with me, I did become more conscious of my daydreaming and the instances in which it was the most frequent. I noticed that I mainly tuned out in areas where the information being taught either seemed redundant or was just too challenging for me. I used it as a way of escaping.
I started the practice of writing out my thoughts. While some thoughts or daydreams were not that significant… other ones, like those that kept me wondering about the future really helped me to understand my capacity for “vision” and, in life, turn some of these thoughts into actionable steps.
Eventually, I learned that there is a time and place for this – ‘wondering without wandering’ (still learning!). I also learned however, that daydreaming came natural to me. It was my much needed path for inspiration and creative thought. Still is, and is particularly effective when not used as an escape. :-)

Please join me in the next Google hangout as we discuss this and more ways to live victoriously!



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