Where Are You?

A wise man once told me: “Every tub sits on its own bottom.” What he was really trying to tell me was, “take responsibility.” Basically, stop the playgrounds and tricks. It’s time to handle those things that mattered. (You know, the ones calling out to us that we’d rather ignore.) After all, we have bigger, better fish to fry… more “important” matters.

I remember attending a church where it was pretty apparent that the needs of the people, the congregants had become secondary to the needs of the brick and mortar building. It was more important to look the part on the outside building, than to actually be the part.

You might think that this is just crazy… but do you know that we can sometimes let our own “buildings” become so magnified in our lives that we loose focus on what’s really important, what really counts?

Today, the question lies before us: Are we going to focus on doing things right, or are we going to focus on doing the right things?

What do you think? Does it really matter that we’re doing things right if we’re not doing the right things?

The difference between being purposeful in what we’re doing and then doing what we’re purposed for is a matter of Who is making this call. We can get in the trap of thinking that what is urgent is most important… the “bigger” fish if you will. Alas, it IS a trap. The important thing does not scream at us, although it is ever present.

If we are anything alike, you have felt like you were spinning your wheels at one time or another…or maybe just doing what it takes to get to the next day, the next moment, the next hour. But we have a choice. We can set ourselves up to be doing the right thing, the right way, or we can ignore that which is staring us in the face. Namely, that thing that is ever before us, but being neglected.

So, where are you?


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