What Is Heritage?

What is heritage to you?

When you read the word, “heritage,” what comes to mind?

It’s not something we think about everyday. We might rather think in line of family tradition or the like, but not necessarily with the lens of heritage.

When we do think about these things that are connected to heritage, we might tend to get a bit personal with it, such is the case with family traditions. If our lives revolve around these traditions, then there really may not be any discussion to be had, especially when it comes to improvement. Family or tradition, it just is what it is. We complain or make due.

But if we could broaden our view a little bit, then we might be able to give ourselves some much needed wiggle room in this area. After all, not all traditions are advantageous, even if they are mingled with family. If tradition is not getting us to where we want to be, it could be time to take a much needed look at it. Let’s do this through heritage.

A Means to Purpose

The first part of heritage is to look at our inheritance. An initial question might be to ask: “What is my inheritance?” And after coming up with a few things, perhaps we can add to this list by honing in on the things we really want to keep, and discarding those things we don’t.

For instance, if you’ve inherited a watch from your grandfather, and over time you discovered that you are really not a watch person, you may want to get rid of it. In the full scheme of things, it will only be a hindrance to you and your future. 

In order to honor the latter part of heritage, it’s a must. If we choose to hold onto something that will complicate our lives further because of family or tradition, we do ourselves a disservice. The idea of heritage is complicated enough.

Letting go of former things to move forward is just one part of heritage.

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