What Beauty Looks Like

You are my servant, Israel, in whom I will display my splendor.

– Isaiah 49:3

This is a big deal. Sometimes we look in the mirror and what we see is subject to so many mental and ultimately physical improvements that we can never really be fully satisfied or content in just… being.

This verse did not say… “I will not make you a servant.” or “I will change everything about you.” Rather He remarks (it is remarkable), that in you. As in… just as you are now, as my servant, I will display my splendor. Awesome.

If we can simply say, “Yes”, as we are, fully with everything we are (and are not), beauty has shown up. How beautiful to, without reserve fall into the hands of the One who protects and loves us the most, without fear.

Beauty that is so full, so rich, with so much appeal that not one person alive can refute it. Not one person alive can look away. Not one person dead or alive can argue with it. It is a life that is full of complete willful surrender.

When is the last time we completely let go in order to let this beauty have its way in our lives?


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