“Unperfected” over Unwritten

We are slaves to history. Life could be easy, however, this ‘history thing’ is there to make sure that it’s not. It has some kind of agenda that seeks to work within us rather that just externally write a story about us.
If we are going through life just recording what is happening, we are missing history. If we aren’t asking questions about why something is happening, then having an easy life may not even be worth it. It may be easy to accept certain circumstances, qualifying them as something that is just “happening to us”, and we therefore have no control over them, but does this really serve our quality of life?

No matter how we live this thing called life, choosing to align with history or not… it will continue. Life will go on. Choosing to be a part of it might mean asking those hard questions that mean pressing into the part we play in this historic journey. Life is a historic journey.

It’s like this. Being purposeful is not enough. If we are not so closely aligned with the purpose that we become the purpose, a living and breathing “purpose”, the work of being purposeful quickly fades. We can certainly come close. Going through the motions has provided results in the past. But this is the point that it will not anymore.

What is that thing that aligns you so closely with your purpose that it is not merely closeness? In fact to call it close would be a hindrance?

Your story, in it’s raw and bloody state is that thing. It is you and it is in progress. Unwritten? Maybe…. Unperfected? Yes! And that’s worth sharing!


What’s one area that is still “in progress” for you? Do you find in that a story you could share? 

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