To The Max!

Imagine an empty glass… It is the famous glass that has a capacity of being half full or half empty.
We’ve all heard the question about whether we see the glass half full or half empty filled when it’s half filled. This being a way to determine whether we are optimists or pessimists.

But what about the other half of the glass? We might not be either optimist or pessimist but we could be wondering about the other half of the glass that isn’t full yet. Maybe we want to know how to fill it.
Have you ever wondered that? You don’t really care about the labels you just want to know how to make it better.
We are all glasses with a certain capacity. Is it a shame to have that capacity and not have reached it. To even go through life as a glass half full kind of person and not have fully maximized what potential is within us.

It makes the most optimistic of us, with our half full glasses, almost seem wimpy… actually just plain wimpy.

If we look at our “half full” life and deem it as good, then we’re not using our full potential. Actually we have declared that we’re satisfied with just half.

Are you someone that wants half of anything? 

Do you want half of a sandwich? I mean do you even want half of a television show? No! None of us do. If were being honest, we want the whole thing. If we were to sit down for example and watch half of a show, we are sitting down to watch it from beginning to end, just halfway through. We want to see the whole thing, lest we are left hanging at the edge of our seats still wanting more when we’re finished.

Have you chosen to live life halfway through instead of to the full?

One of the saddest things that we can encounter is a glass or in this case life half-full.

If we ever find ourselves with a “we’ll at least ” kind of attitude, one that is half full, there are ways that can help us set our sights on the future and possibility of a glass half full.

How do we do this? 

If we are glass half-full kind of person it is likely that our lives are focus. And while it may be fulfilling to some extent, we may not be using our full capacity. What we need is an opportunity to overflow some of the things that we’ve learned, some of the things that we’ve experienced, some of our story to others.
If we are a glass half empty kind of a person. Then we do see that there is room for more, however we may be going about getting that more in the wrong ways. True to our pessimism we may try to improve in something we’ve already mastered and waste precious time.

Either way there are resources to help us get out of this Glass half whatever cycle cycle.

Are you a member of a local club, organization, religious institution, church, or a new venture. Are there ways that you can share your gifts and talents as a discovery process toward making the glass full?

There’s always somewhere that people need help or are looking to improve just like us. We can find these opportunities all around us. The key is to just keep poking at them until we have found something that works… pushing the boundaries of half-full.


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