Tilling for Love

How does one till for love?

It’s like dating… well maybe more like what ideal dating would be. We date to cultivate. A stronger bond, connection, potential relationship. We don’t date because we love… we love because we date.

What’s tricky is that with actual tilling of land, it’s always done to lead to an end result. And while the end result isn’t the actual fruit, it does make it a lot easier to produce the fruit with a prepared foundation.

Love is the ideal foundation for everything. If everything were done in the quest for love, we might all eventually have stronger relationships, more solid commitments. But it doesn’t always work out this way. There is usually a rather large barrier in between creating this love platform and the end result. In order to truly till for love, we must let this barrier go. What is this barrier? It’s us. Sometimes we’re to big.

We can find ourselves in the way if we look into the decisions we make. They may sound something like, “I’d like to see this happen, BUT…(fill in the excuse). This excuse usually revolves around a but. The truth is the main thing that even handicaps us when it comes to tilling for love, is our big old “but’s!” Either that or how about the culprit, “if only…”. 

There is truly no way around it, around us. So, what’s the answer? How do we till for love?

Since there is no way around our “but’s”, maybe the best way is to till right through them. Till right through ourselves. If we can be provoked to begin within ourselves, in an effort to reach others, to share a love platform with others… we might possibly have a chance at producing something. 

Some things to think about when tilling for love:

Water– We can see it, we can feel it, we can look right through it. In this we can learn how to be.

Patience– About the fruit… it may not come when or as expected.

Blindness– Act as if we’re blind when it comes to faith rather than love. Let love guide clearly.

To till is to work. And as with any work, there is reward. Letting ourselves be consumed by the very thing we’re working towards, in particular when it’s love, is a crucial, even necessary part of this reward.
How do we till for love? Let Love overtake us…

Why do we till for love? Yet the reason is still the same…


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