The Simple Truth

There is a Truth … behind all the other truth that claims to be a reality for each of us. This truth is not relative to our own individual realities but it is a constant truth that lies beneath the surface of each and every one of our lives.

It is the truth that we are more powerful then we appear on the outside. It is the truth that we are more… More than meets the eye.

If you and I have ever found a dream lying inside of us, we can attest to this as our reality. And it is a reality indeed. Somewhere along the way we were told that those things that we dream are just that…. only dreams, fantasies, or non-realities. That we may be somewhere off in never, never land to imagine such things. That we should instead focus on the harsh happenings of this life here and now. While harshness or rather crudity, helps us to better identify with our reality, maybe it’s not all there is.

What if our dreams or fantasies are indicators directing us to do something else, something more? What would it look like to take a brave step, make a bold move, and possibly make what starts as a mere fantasy… a reality for us today?

Please join me in the next Google hangout as we discuss more ways to live victoriously!


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