A New Perspective

Sometimes it’s just good to see things from a “different perspective.” We’ve all heard this stated at one time or another.

Notice that in this phrase, it doesn’t emphasize the same, it is always another. One that is different or outside of our current way of seeing things. Not the same and bigger or smaller… But different.

Now, imagine that you have witnessed a certain event happen right before your eyes. You’ve watched it happen and now stand there. You’re standing there with a perspective. Yours, of course. So, what’s next? Do you tell someone what you just witnessed. If you do, it is from your own perspective and you would be robbing the hearer of really getting the full unfiltered experience. One that they can discover from their own way of seeing things.

There is a principle here. In order to be able to see things from a “different perspective” there has to be room given for everyone to develop their own. We have to have enough different to go around.

So how do we protect this thing called perspective? Can we share something with someone else that will allow them to have their own perspective and not ours?

The answer is yes!… How? The key to this is based in establishing ways that allow us to discard perspective as we know it. Establish a lifestyle that exhibits the kind of freedom that entrusts that thing we’ve witnessed to a Greater Perspective. What does that mean? Instead of going straight to analyzing through our lens of perspective, we simply let it go beyond that and continue in a decided lifestyle that helps to protect us from ‘the short perspective.’

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