The Secret Weapon

Have things not quite turned out as expected?

We’ve all had these moments. The turning point of every one of them is always dependent upon our attitude…we all have one of these too! But do we have one that is under control? After all, we can control our own attitude, can’t we? The secret weapon is in knowing that yes, we can.

When something doesn’t go exactly as planned by coming short of or even exceeding our expectations, the measure of our attitude always sets the stage for the next thing. This is especially true in business. We can use our attitudinal influence to gain an advantage in our lives and business by:

Living at the Bottom Line: This is the ‘ordinary’ place. Haven’t you heard? Ordinary is the new different. It is the doorway for extraordinary things to happen. Get rid of all the fluff and narrow down the moment to what really matters. Live in this place. It’s our own personal ‘value space.’ When something happens that is simply out of our control, we will be here, still poised and ready for the next thing.

Walking Steadily: Do what’s required while in the moment by walking through it. Not sitting, not sprinting, but just plain ol’ walking. When walking we are able to see more, gain more insight, and have a much better perspective. This allows us to anticipate unplanned things to occur rather than expect the planned things to go smoothly.

Preparing  for Setbacks: This is the natural result of the above two. Living at the bottom line and walking that line steadily and persistently naturally prepares you for setbacks by equipping you with better foresight and insight. What’s left is hindsight. Learning from mistakes. Prepare by learning from mistakes. In giving attention to what and how something failed or succeeded, this process reveals to you the secret for coming out on top each and every time.


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