The Push Back

Have you ever heard the popular phrase: “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.” What does it mean to you? Does this phrase urge you to stand for something… now? Does it put you on high alert, as if you don’t by chance have that thing to stand for, you better be on guard because a fall is coming soon?
Standing is important but wouldn’t you agree that in a world where so many things are attempting to get us to stand for what they believe in, we might need to do a bit more than standing?
Have you ever found yourself fighting for a cause that just wasn’t yours to “fight” for from the beginning?
At times like these we may find that our standing for something is really just a coverup for being stagnant. For stopping and settling where we are. An excuse for not growing. Now that bites!
But in order to really stand, stand for that which we should be standing , we must look at that thing that requires a bit more from us. That thing that moves us from standing to acting. This is not for the immovable, this is for the mover. The one ready to move closer toward their destiny, their purpose.
This post is entitled “The Push Back“. It’s about finding that thing that provokes us to movement, not just standing. That thing that is not going to permit us to simply stand there, but to push back against a culture that wants us standing still with the self righteous belief that we’re  immovable and mute our voice in the process. Sometimes we are not immovable. But if we believe we are doing the right thing, why move?
By participating in the reading (and writing) this, we are being challenged to question our beliefs and truly set ourself apart from the ‘in’ crowd. What will we do? What will we choose?
Just a few clues on effective ways to really “stand” include:
  • Enjoying the moment-helps us let go of expectations we and others place on us 
  • Doing something new-challenges our why, gives us new ground to stand on
  • Doing that which restores-restores our inner man, gets us ready for battle and helps us to stay focused
  • Walking in love-When we walk in love, were walking… That’s the critical part!
  • Getting understanding-understanding is the key to getting rooted and moving upward in that area we were called to stand
Are you ready to push back? To really learn the area you should be standing in to get results? It all starts with one special key. It is the key that unlocks the door everything. Learn more here.
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