The Power of Intimate Vision

Have you ever wondered where real vision comes from?

What does it take for us to stay FOCUSED on the bigger picture. Is there a trick to this?

Our vision comes from our sight… therefore it’s our sight that needs to be clear in order to really have vision. Vision in the literal sense is simply asking… “how clear is your sight?”

As far as having a vision for our lives is concerned, the same question can be applied. How clear is the pathway of our life laid out before us? If we can see clearly, the rain is gone, and we can see the obstacles in our way, then our vision is probably in tact.

However, if we find ourselves, as we begin to think about your life as a whole, if we find our thoughts beginning to get a bit fuzzy, it could be time for a more intentional look. But not on the outside… this time on the inside. It is what we are calling today as ‘intimate vision.’

“Motivation begins with repentance, and ends in obedience.” 

Until the vision comes to us for our external life, we are limited. Limited in our ability, in our strength, and especially in moving forward. But there is a way, a starting point. Seeking out the vision that begins internally may be our only option. It is what allows us to access the motivation needed to manifest the real vision.

This begins with the following:

Making an effort. Sometimes we have to take that risk. And at times that risk is just to make an effort. Time is out for the nonchalant ways of our youth. When we make an effort, we lose a bit of discretion. We have now put it out there to ourselves and possibly others that we care. In this case it is about where we’re gonna be in five to ten years. We are in turn saying we will do what it takes to remove the clouds.

Being Willing. Yes, it’s true. No matter how bad we want something, sometimes this uncooperative part of us just gets in the way. It’s like a bug right in our line of sight. We can see that the thing that we want is out there, and we also know that there’s a few hurdles to get there, but this will of ours sometimes just doesn’t want to cooperate, for whatever reason. Asking for a will that cooperates with our vision could be all that’s needed.

Learning to grow: Notice that the initial aim is not growing, rather learning to grow. Being receptive to taking on the characteristics of a person that learns is utmost. Growth is a natural result (among other things). Giving ourselves to this exercise of learning is essential in getting our vision clear.

A Few Warnings:

Avoid lip service. Be a doer. If we can’t be a doer with ourselves starting with intimate vision, we will not be able to reach our ultimate goals.

No holding back. Cut off whatever surroundings we have to in order to seek out this intimate starting point. Since we know that tests will come, it will benefit us to have our mind made up about it.

Do not serve everyone. A servant does not serve everyone. A servant usually has one Big Boss that he or she answers to. Do this and cut off the rest.

Summary: Don’t seek the benefits of intimacy without the work. Start honestly and humbly, vision will follow!


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