The Other Side of Entitlement

Imagine this…

You wake up, get your day started, and all of a sudden… fear kicks in. Fear of missing something maybe. Fear of not saying the right thing. Fear of not doing the right thing. 

The awesome thing about fear is that it can be a clear indicator that we do in fact plan to do what it is we fear. It, in a twisted way, lets us know that we have at least envisioned the thing we are afraid of. But in this moment when fear is trying to creep in we must go back just a few steps. If we don’t, we’ve presumed the outcome and put ourselves in a place higher than we even know how to handle. So let’s walk backwards a few steps to, in this example, the very thing that is feared: not saying and doing the right thing.

Let’s think about this in a positive light. What if today we did and said everything right. Meaning edifying words to build relationships treating others the way we want to be treated.

What if we did not go any further than the simple thought of ‘words and actions.’ Refrain from putting them in a box in labeling this box ‘incapable,’ and then being afraid of it. But instead let’s leave them out of the box, outside for Someone with a much higher purpose for our lives to manage this day.

What would happen then? We don’t know do we?… This point is called faith. This allows us to access a much deeper place where trust is key and gives us the opportunity to act on it. It allows us to lean on our belief system at its core. What is your belief system? What are these things that you can be absolutely sure of?

This assurance, it is quite the opposite of presumption or entitlement as we know it. It is a rightful position. One that supersedes our current condition… So, what is your position?

How do you get past fear?. Know your position… You’re off to a great start. Finish what you’ve started by clicking here.

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