The Nevertheless

There is horror, there is law, there is favor, there is mercy…. And sometimes, many times, the dots don’t connect. In fact, we have to assume that they won’t.

We cannot always make sense of it. Nevertheless… In the midst of it all it is this that we grab onto. The “nevertheless.”What is yours? The thing that you are so certain of that you can always land on it. When there is no way out and the only way that you can find to move forward is nevertheless…

A New Commitment

This “nevertheless” space is not by any means spacious. But once we get to and through it. Our potential is unlimited.To know is not enough. That, after all, is what evil offered since the beginning of time. Enlightenment of man has never been enough either. However, enlightenment through the Word of God, called revelation, always points to the way, the truth, and the life, that being Jesus Christ. Only He has the power to illuminate, a thousand times beyond enlightenment. The way is specific.

In Trying Times

We will need this and more. More than “I can… More than “I will”…. It will sound more like “I shall”. And the reason for such a conviction will be because of trying times. Those times that demand from us the personal dedication that the humdrum of everyday of life does not bring.The nevertheless is the goal. The reward is in the journey.


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