The Magic Touch

Do you have the magic touch? Or does everything you touch turn into a complete disaster! Every day brings new challenges, and also new opportunities to use our powers for good instead of evil. The magic touch is this: using what we have to do good. We all have this power. Whether big or small, this ability is something every human has access to, however not everyone uses it. What is good? To treat others the way we want to be treated. This is the Golden Rule. Somewhere along the way, we’ve all learned this rule. One thing we may not have learned however is that this golden rule is indeed magical. It has the power to transform the human heart if we let it. Here are few things we can do to make sure we are not hindering our own magic touch:

  1. Be Ready for Surprises: The change is coming. Be ready to be surprised by the Maker. He has a plan that no man can map or match. Suspense has the capacity to make us stay when we’re ready to go, continue when we’re ready to give up, wake us up when we’re ready to fall asleep. It will also nudge us to go the extra mile with that extremely difficult person or situation in our lives… You know the one :)
  2. Walk Like a Winner: Winners keep on winning. The winning streak is real. And sometimes just thinking like winner is all the ignition that our magic needs to get that fire going. Winners act accomplished because they are. They can now look at a situation from the perspective of confidence and knowing that anything is possible.
  3. Leave Negativity Behind: Any negative thing that we believed to be true about ourselves or others really isn’t. It’s a lie, and the truth is waiting to be exposed. Waiting to come out in the form of a positively, beautiful Cindarella like miracle. Whatever we believe, we become. Let negativity stay behind with circumstances, It has no place in our future or better reality.
  4. Remember Mortality: And live for eternity. Be glad for this life, for living for breathing for having the ability to still affect and speak into someone else’s life. To love others, to raise children to travel, to do something spectacular before we die… and then consider that this life is really just the rehearsal for something greater… eternity. This should put a spark in each of our eyes and open up the zest for life that may be trying to lay dormant. Let the magic begin…
  5. Nurture the Heart: The heart is the place that the magic is made possible, and it is also where everything has the potential to go wayward. You may of heard it said that the mind is the battleground? We’ll if that’s true, the heart is where the victory is truly realized. Nurturing the heart in ourselves and others is the most crucial piece that helps to reveal this power that lies within each of us. Just a ‘little bit of tenderness’ will bring out the magic in no time!

Please join me in the next Google hangout as we discuss this and more ways to live victoriously!



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