The Little “d”

It’s a worldwide epidemic… the “not accepting of Truth” and instead leaning upon our own understanding (Prov. 3:5). More than that… Also taking the words of Truth and attempting to make them our own. Using them to appear smarter than we really are. No reference point. No credit given to the Original source.

It may be time for an extended moment of silence…

When we find ourselves unresponsive to this, or maybe simply not caring…. are we then admitting our real feelings? We have decided that it really is our choice to determine if there is an original creator to begin with. Maybe that “person” doesn’t even exist, therefore justifying our quite intentional and deliberate robbery of their creation.

It’s the place of feeling like we can do what we please, whatever we decide and reject truth. Reveal rather at our discretion or lack thereof, anything that our eyes come across to be our own manifestation. Boundaries have no place here… Afterall, the created ‘thing’ didn’t even exist until we placed our eyes on it, set our ears to it, or otherwise.

What happens when we take these boundaries for granted? Because let’s face it, the word boundary can carry negative feelings along with it, causing us to treat boundaries as somewhat of a disturbance.

Boundaries vs. discretion…

The truth is that there are boundaries that lie within us. This is called discretion. So, how can we use our own discretion to renew our attitudes towards boundaries? How do we let our own light shine through, without damaging or stealing from those around us, especially those most deserving of the credit?

Benefits of seeking “discretion” over boundaries…

  • Boundaries bring to mind confinement; discretion brings to mind refinement.
  • Boundaries suggests that others need to think and act alike; discretion allows everyone their own thinking.
  • Boundaries leads to narrow and limited view which can lead to pride; discretion considers personal responsibility which leads to meekness.
  • Boundaries tells us there’s an “in” crowd; discretion says to think of a way out… be different.

There’s always a way out… and it could begin with discretion, the little “d.”

Share your thoughts or a time when you’ve had difficulty establishing boundaries… share, like, comment below!


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