The Importance of the Middle Man

Don’t write him off. He is not there to make our lives harder. No, he’s not there to make it better either…

One main reason he is there, is to make our lives…life. Full. Happy. Non-ordinary. Different. Rich. Pure. Sad. Exciting. Overall, worth living! No, Don’t despise the middleman.

It may seem like He’s trying to slow you down. Trying to intentionally make your life miserable. But listen. There may be some merit to what he has to say. After-all, he is in the middle.

He’s in the middle of where we are and where we want to be. He’s the one that has the authority to help us reach our desired destiny. He’s the one that has access to the person we need to hear from. In other words, he’s “got the goods.” He’s the one that is putting his reputation on the line. For us to be heard, chosen, even considered.

Whatever we do we mustn’t disregard the middle man. Honor him. Extol him. Use him. But don’t neglect him.



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