The Higher Opinion

Have you ever wondered … “what do others think about me?”

If you’re human, you probably have a time or two. But not many of us have taken the next step to actually ask someone else what it is they think of us. As an employee, a spouse, a friend or a human being. That would be a vulnerable position, wouldn’t it? … To sit there while the other person dishes out ways we could improve or maybe leave tact at the door and tell us just how horrible we are, …you know, since we asked.

Sometimes we’re afraid to hear the answer to this question because whatever the response is may actually be true. And once it’s in our hearing, it may even surpass all of our mental facilities, ideologies and layers we’ve built up and somehow still make it into our heart. Our heart being, us at our most natural state; bare… without all of the idiosyncrasies that complicate how others may initially see us; where we cannot only hear others’ opinions but also be ever so aware of our own.

Could it be the reason why we are so reluctant to hear others opinions about us is because we (in our complicated nature) have already formed our own opinions? Perhaps the idea of someone telling us anything about ourselves makes us a bit squeamish because their opinion rubs up against our own, then causing friction… and friction is simply no fun!

Whether we’ve formed opinions about ourselves, or others, … we could be complicating our lives more than we even know.

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