The Gathering

To gather is a chore. Whether we are initiating or simply attending. Gathering is an element of our life that asks for our participation.

So what does participation look like to you? Does it mean to always be the one raising your hand? Or is it, when it’s time for a group event, to make a contribution of some kind toward the effort?

Maybe it simply means to be there, available to be called on?

While this scope of “gathering”, the one of participation, takes many different forms, there is yet another side to “gathering” when looked at outside the lens of participation.

Have you ever considered, in those areas (times, places, companies, groups) that you have made a decision to gather, that when you’re absent, your presence is missed? And if your presence is missed, it also applies to others that are a part of it.

If this is true, then our presence is just as much as important for our personal gain as it is for our participation…. We gain from others.

Sometimes life feels like it’s demanding so much from us, when in reality, we are the ones who are in need of what life has to offer.

What are some things life has offered you, especially in those “gathering” moments, that you may not have realized your absolute need for?

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