The Faith Dynamic

We are powerful with the right kind of faith… and the right kind of faith is always attached to something. Faith doesn’t simply end with faith. It is intended to challenge us, the “believer,” to refine the basics or foundations that guide us.

For instance, faith is always needed for the completion of a thing. Whatever that thing is, there is always faith involved. Incompleteness is a result of lack of faith.

Tree-like Faith

Faith is like a tree. The deeper the roots the better. The more we experience it, the better. The more we attach faith to everything the more we get to experience it. We must tend to it in this way so that it grows.

In the daily business of sewing and reaping, there is plenty of opportunity for experiencing faith. For faith is intended to be accessed even in our most mundane of daily living.

Backwards Faith

And if faith only took us forward we wouldn’t get far. Faith also looks backwards, reminding us of when it supported us in the past. Hence, the tree analogy… this makes for strong roots. The more we acknowledge the presence of faith in the moment by drawing from past experiences, the stronger our roots are.

Uprooted Faith

If we all of a sudden are lacking faith in a specific area, it had to be uprooted. We don’t just have faith one day, and then we don’t. To lose faith takes work, the work of uprooting. If it does not take any effort, we must ask ourselves if faith was even there to begin with. When we only look forward we can deceive ourselves, thinking that faith just withers away easily. It does not.

Now Faith

Make faith present in everything. We may not think it requires faith to do something. But that’s the time to experiment. What will happen when we include faith? Not in the big things. Adding faith for big things is a no brainer… What will happen if we add faith for the small things, in the places we take for granted? (Ex. – getting up in the morning, brushing our teeth, etc.)

When we make faith a reality, now, and keep in mind that it’s not an end in and of itself… it may take us places we never imagined. It won’t happen overnight, but neither does a tree.


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