The End of the Matter

People judge. As living beings, it’s what we do. Every hour, every second of the day, we are either sitting in a place of judging or a place where we ourselves are the one’s being judged by others.

Have you ever been judged… unfairly… wrongfully accused? Good or bad … wrongfully perceived? … It doesn’t feel good. At the very least it is plain uneasy!

Yes, to judge is a human tendency… And what is our measure of judgement the majority of the time? It is us. We are the standard. Ourselves, the way we do things, our thoughts, our feelings. How come “they” don’t act, feel, talk, or look like us? Not simply how come, but if they are (or are not) quite like us, this somehow gives us the right to proceed with label adherence. This one is “fresh” or maybe “not so fresh”. This one is “always happy”. That one looks “better in green”… and so on. Welcome to the land of superficiality. The place all judgments like to make a home. The place that if we don’t choose to look beyond it, to seek a way out, we tend to spend our lives in. Many of us live in this place because it satisfies one of our most basic needs: belonging. To have an opinion is to belong. But what happens when we go past our opinions, when we even give up our right to have an opinion… some might say our independence? When we’re at a place that we simply don’t know the answer and aren’t afraid to admit it. Not only admit it, but to also ask for the answer.

For instance: “Well no, I can’t really say if that is right or wrong. I don’t know if it is or not to be honest. Could you please help me to judge correctly.”

This is just plain radical. Yes, to think about it first, but better yet to ask. To be in a place where the hearer of the questions could very well be judging us. Where we are ready for the truth no matter what. Not just the way we see it, but quite possibly, really the way it is. This is the end of the matter… and is truly the beginning of success.

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