The D.E.F.E.A.T. Principle

How do we defeat that situation that is holding us back. That thing that insists on keeping us stagnant, unfruitful, and dependent. How do we come against our own opinions, that have been so acutely agreed upon, if not originated by others, which put us in a box, with seemingly no way out?

Ultimately, there’s a few things that we can keep in mind when we find ourselves in the position of ‘no way out.’

  1. Knowing we need to start somewhere.
  2. Asking and applying wisdom to the situation.
  3. Turning frustration into fear and reverence that’s beyond our scope
  4. Minding and taking care of our own business
  5. Avoiding slanderous activity, particularly with our tongues
  6. Creating a time and manner to bless God, bless people and family
  7. Not trusting in wealth to be the answer to everything

Ok, so these are basics. But maybe you’re like me and have you found yourself in the middle of a search for answers to life’s greatest dilemmas, but still wondering, “ok, but really, how do I get out?” or “i’m already doing the above… what gives?”

There is More…

It’s called the DEFEAT Principle (an acronym). For those of us that are really serious about defeating that thing in our life that’s trying to defeat us, it takes a bit more:

The strategy goes like this:

  • Dismiss- let go of the idea of grand gestures for God
  • Edify -ask God what to do before doing it
  • Fear God -especially when he acts on our behalf
  • Encourage leadership-bless people, only blessings not curses
  • Assign tasks – responsibility to self and others in area of capabilities
  • Trust -God said it, enough said, believe it

It’s funny, somehow, when we seem to be doing everything right, and things are still not working out, we have a tendency to think of it as a dead end.

The truth is there is always more, always a way out… grace.


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