The Chance to be Judged

It says in Psalms that the wicked will not stand in the judgement. Standing indicates a posture of presence. The not being able to be “present” to defend their cause is one way this verse can be explained.

Can you imagine not even having a presence or place to state your case… like you don’t even exist. When I saw this I stopped… I had never considered being in the judgement as a desirable place to be or as any kind of an opportunity.

Of course it does not feel good to be judged, pressured, or placed under another’s realm of authority for any period of time. But it feels worse to not even be considered. It would even be better to be pressured if it meant being considered. With this in mind, it would be preferable to have the opportunity to stand in the judgement.

It is a paradox. While judgement seems like a bad thing, here in this psalm, it looks a lot better than the alternative. The alternative of being left out without a chance at all.

However when we do stand we do so aware of the impeding judgement… and with the pressure that comes from it. It’s like someone holding us to the fire… like a piece of coal needs to be pressured to form a diamond. This is what it’s like to be under good pressure, under righteous judgement. The end result being a higher position, a higher understanding, a higher place. 

It’s the pressure that comes from judgement that is simply asking more of us. The question is, are we ready for this kind of pressure? Are we ready to be more?
The next time we are put in a position of pressure, a place of receiving judgement. What will we do? Will we be in the standing position? Will it make us the kind of people that is not afraid to stand and keep standing.

Our blessing hinges upon how we and if we even can stand. Standing is about knowing the Truth. The chance to be judged leads us to this place. Take the chance.

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