The Aftermath…

After promotion comes:

Prospering: The only way to prosper is to be set apart, exclusive, original… this means simply: be yourself! Isn’t it wonderful that we were all made so uniquely, so intimately and creatively. It’s really in the realm of reality, the place of being yourself, that things start to occur, isn’t it? The moment we get real with ourselves and others, that is the moment next level things must occur. Yes, in getting real. This is where we all belong. To be able to live and breathe success hinges upon this one thing.

Parenting: Finally there is parenting. This is going above and beyond self. It’s a humbling place because it’s really where most of our flaws are realized. (Ask any parent!) Parenting in discipline is really about duplicating our efforts. One rule – whatever it is we expect from those we are “parenting”, coaching or what have you, is what will be expected of us. Are you ready for this challenge? Are you ready to get real? Now is the time.

So there you have it! See the previous post for the full story on promotion. 


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