Taking it Personal.

“As for me and my house….We will serve the Lord.” – Joshua 24:15

Which part of this statement stands out to you the most? Is it that ‘me and my house‘ part or the ‘serve the Lord‘ part. While it’s a very strong statement each part is equally as important as the other. If we are to say anything about ourselves and our house it should be at least this very thing: we will serve the Lord. But what else could we say? Maybe… ‘As for me and my house… we will be judged.’ Or perhaps … ‘we will count our lives as nothing for the sake of the Gospel.’ Couldn’t we say that these are just the same as declaring ‘we will serve the Lord.’

So what does it look like to serve Him? 

Does it take into account the fact that even though our ultimate salvation is secure in the One we’ve (if we have) acknowledged as Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, we still are held accountable for our own personal actions? Does this service to the Lord consider that in order for His word to hold up and for Him not to be made out a liar that, for us individually, there are ultimate consequences for choosing wrong over right? 

Can we stand in the midst of this reality and say to the Judge during time of judgement, “I did it, do what you will to me.”

We must know by now that our actions come with a price, a permeating cost. Even if our salvation is not lost, we have to know that as sure as what goes up must come down, there is a effect on the order of things that could have a grave impact on ours or someone else’s life with every personal decision we make and have made.

As for me and my house, we are sinners, saved by grace… and still in line for consequences of some of the bad decisions of our past. There is no where to run from this. No place to hide. Why would we want to? What’s done is done.

All there is is to let the only One who can make it right, make it right… starting with us.

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One thought on “Taking it Personal.

  • Hi Tiffanee! I’m so glad I finally got a chance to peek at your blog. Love your stuff! Thank you for sharing.

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