Take the High Road

What does it mean to take the high road?

Is it ideal…. or are there other ways to get where were going, seriously. Why be limited to just the high road. What about the low road.

It has it’s advantages.

It sits beneath all of the regular stuff, you know. The “traffic” that appears day in and day out. We can easily sneak by on the low road can’t we, going un-noticed. The only thing with that is… when something extraordinary does happen on one of those regular roads, we would totally miss out, wouldn’t we? I mean the low road is the last place to know about anything of importance isn’t it. Opportunity is simply not within our reach on the low road… at all.

Well, if that’s the case then why don’t we travel the regular road where the day in day out stuff usually occurs and every once in a while we get a glimmer of this extraordinary? That’s a definite possibility…. And perhaps we might, like some extra special fortunate person that hits the lotto, be in the exact right place, at the exact right time to receive this glimmer. But that’s just a glimmer. Who want’s a glimmer when there is more? There is more…

So, let’s really take a good look at the high road. What can we get from it anyway. Let’s see? For one we would be able to see not only where we’re going, but also where the roads beneath us are going too. Two, the perspective is one of preparedness instead of just waiting for something to happen, we have the potential to make something happen on multiple levels and learn from mistakes below. Finally, third, we might just improve with this enhanced vision and determination. Improve and advance our skills, our abilities… more. We may even have a chance of becoming better… just better, ya know?

Please join me in the next Google hangout as we discuss more ways to live victoriously!


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