Simple Unity

Unity and togetherness are not the same. Yes, unity is about coming together… but usually in a way that includes the melding together of to create a harmonious end, whereas togetherness is just being with. It may be a precursor to unity, it may not… Oftentimes it is not. Togetherness calls for a willingness to be[…]


The Chips Are A Fallin’!

Letting the chips fall where they may is a saying that usually comes after an event. When we say this we are referring to  something has happened as a precursor. Usually something negative. After witnessing something take place, it is only then that we can “let the chips fall where they may.” This phrase, about “letting the chips[…]


Top Five Ways to Find Your Passion…

… if It’s Not 100 Percent Obvious to You (from The Digital Mom Handbook, p32-33) Ask friends and family what they feel you’re an expert in. Visit eBay and Craigslist. Look at all the categories! What topics make you want to click and read more? View your browsing history on your computer.Do you see any common[…]


The Short Perspective

Thank you for joining me on this hangout!  This weeks topic: “The Short Perspective”. See related blog post: A New Perspective Are you looking for ways to simplify so that you can do more?  Check out the FREE webinar: ReBoost Your Life, Reveal Your Purpose! Sharing IS freedom! Love or know someone who will love this topic? Don’t forget to[…]