The Power of Intimate Vision

Have you ever wondered where real vision comes from? What does it take for us to stay FOCUSED on the bigger picture. Is there a┬átrick to this? Our vision comes from our sight… therefore it’s our sight that needs to be clear in order to really have vision. Vision in the literal sense is simply[…]


An Act of Service

It’s simple…. We cannot serve everyone. We are not God, but as God’s hands and feet, when we serve those whom God has given us… it’s simple. Going deeper… We cannot serve service. Did you know that sometimes we worship service? The false idols of Asherah, Molech, Chemosh in the days of Israel were at the root[…]


Real Favor

Just like Moses, who was brought into the home of Pharoah, and earned respect during that time … Paul had favor with King Aggripa….the king gave him space to voice his thoughts. Just like Pharoah let Moses “carry on” with his ministry in freeing the Jews before his eyes. Paul recognized this! When a person’s[…]