“Unperfected” over Unwritten

We are slaves to history. Life could be easy, however, this ‘history thing’ is there to make sure that it’s not. It has some kind of agenda that seeks to work within us rather that just externally write a story about us. If we are going through life just recording what is happening, we are missing[…]


Better with Boundaries

Thank you for joining me on this hangout! I look forward to seeing you again… This weeks topic: “Better with Boundaries”. See related blog posts: The Simple Truth FREE GIFT!  We’d love to send you the eBook, 31 Ways to Simplify Now…. If you haven’t already enter your name and email to the right to be[…]


Five Fast Confidence Boosters

We all have had moments when we lack confidence. As new parents, starting a new job, building a business, or simply anytime we’ve ever had to undertake a new project. Whether we are not quite equipped or more than ready. Maybe we need to present something publicly without knowing what to say or simply…show up[…]