Just Courage

Courage: I never really thought about what it looked like… have you… Have you ever just thought and pondered the word? Maybe it was an attribute that really didn’t fit into my boring, mundane life. After all, it’s takes an adventure of some sort to solicit courage. Or it could’ve  been that I was afraid of[…]


The Other Side of Entitlement

Imagine this… You wake up, get your day started, and all of a sudden… fear kicks in. Fear of missing something maybe. Fear of not saying the right thing. Fear of not doing the right thing.  The awesome thing about fear is that it can be a clear indicator that we do in fact plan[…]

Tools for Foundation

  Thanks for tuning in: MY TOP TOOLS covered this week are: Google + / Google Hangout: I’ve recently implemented this to maintain accountability and it helps me to stay on task. This is a reminder  that it is time to plan my week and helps me to commit! Composition Book: Remember these? Just as good a[…]