Masterpieces and Motivation

Do you have someone in your life who is always there? Perhaps a friend … Or maybe they are not always there, but they come to mind whenever something challenging comes around? Just the idea of this friend creates the illusion of enough support, that you end up emboldened in whatever task you’re performing. This distinction[…]


When It Counts

There are things in this life that are right to do, and things and that are wrong to do… would you agree?   Scripture: Romans 12:18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.  It goes on to say… Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave[…]


IMPACT… an acronym.

“Every tub sits on it’s own bottom…”, that’s what the wife of a man affectionately referred to as “little claude robert” in his premier book, Grandma Stories used to say … often. What it meant was that everyone is responsible for their own actions and behavior. That everything begins with personal responsibility. One area in[…]


Let time do its time…

[a #poem] “I can’t see tomorrow, but I know what it looks like. Another day where the unexpected and expectations collide, into a shady blur.  It’s like another or several moments in time space that are all ordered the same, but when brought together, signify more.  Tomorrow is a blank for me , yet with[…]


You Mighty Man of Valor

By: Dave Cole If you were going to pick a person to go out and deliver a nation from the hands of the enemy, would you even consider choosing one of the weakest members of the country, or would you pick a man of valor? What’s valor mean you might ask? According to Webster: strength of mind or spirit[…]


The Short Perspective

Thank you for joining me on this hangout!  This weeks topic: “The Short Perspective”. See related blog post: A New Perspective Are you looking for ways to simplify so that you can do more?  Check out the FREE webinar: ReBoost Your Life, Reveal Your Purpose! Sharing IS freedom! Love or know someone who will love this topic? Don’t forget to[…]