IMPACT… an acronym.

“Every tub sits on it’s own bottom…”, that’s what the wife of a man affectionately referred to as “little claude robert” in his premier book, Grandma Stories used to say … often. What it meant was that everyone is responsible for their own actions and behavior. That everything begins with personal responsibility. One area in[…]

Thy Will Be Done?

Is “His” will something that we truly desire to be done, or are we really seeking our own will? We may not instantly recognize it, but the underlying question within us really is… Do we resent when God is kind toward others? Kind, generous, gracious. Whatever we think kind to be. Do we perhaps compare and think[…]


What the Bible says about Money

Thank you for joining me on this hangout! I look forward to seeing you again… This weeks topic: “What the Bible says about Money” See related blog posts: Respect the System FREE GIFT!  We’d love to send you a free gift…. If you haven’t already enter your name and email to get access and also be notified of future[…]


Angry much?

… That’s OK… but where is it leading us? Apathy, violence, lethargy, cruelty… or just plain unkindness towards others. Where does being angry really get us anyway? It’s one of those emotions that can help us to tap into our passions and do great things, or (and the same is true for many emotions) cause[…]