Man in Hiding

The spirit of fear has taken over this nation…  It doesn’t look like what we would typically think of when we think of the fear gripping someone. What we might imagine this fearful situation to look like is perhaps what we’ve been fed in horror movies, or frightening tales about creepy monsters or manifestations of another world.[…]


Making It Happen

Do you remember that Mariah Carey song, “Make it Happen”? Now while there’s many diversions to using Mariah Carey as an example after she let her ball drop at the onset of this year… stick with me here. The song… this song spoke of praying to the “lord” and believing in oneself to see our[…]


Just Courage

Courage: I never really thought about what it looked like… have you… Have you ever just thought and pondered the word? Maybe it was an attribute that really didn’t fit into my boring, mundane life. After all, it’s takes an adventure of some sort to solicit courage. Or it could’ve  been that I was afraid of[…]