The Leap to Rediscovery

Have you ever felt that the leap to ‘getting something done’ was just too far? Maybe you’ve found yourself forehead deep into things that… well, just… “things.” Whatever these things are, maybe they started out as fun, but now they have just turned into a big headache. Pretty much a detriment to being able to[…]


Acceptance vs. Leadership

Thank you for joining me on this hangout! I look forward to seeing you again… This weeks topic: “Acceptance vs. Leadership”. See related blog post: What Sets You Apart? FREE GIFT!  We’d love to send you the eBook, 31 Ways to Simplify Now…. If you haven’t already enter your name and email to the right to[…]


Being is Believing

  What does it mean to believe? Is it just a superficial word that has slight significance in a sentence like: “I believe if you take a right you should see it there in front of you.” Just an elegant randomness of thought. Maybe it is a place in which we elevate our thinking to[…]