Life is Good?

And what’s good for one person may not be good for another. What is good anyway?… How does one measure goodness. When we think about what is ‘good’, is it that kind of goodness that extends outside of our moral definition? It would be a danger to think of goodness just inside the scope of[…]


Be the Proof!

Proof defined:  evidence or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement (noun); able to withstand something damaging; resistant (adj) Proof is the essence of progress. It encompasses the process involved while establishing the fact that a person is what they say they are. Before looks…. is the “proof”. Being the proof will shore up[…]


Top Five Ways to Find Your Passion…

… if It’s Not 100 Percent Obvious to You (from The Digital Mom Handbook, p32-33) Ask friends and family what they feel you’re an expert in. Visit eBay and Craigslist. Look at all the categories! What topics make you want to click and read more? View your browsing history on your computer.Do you see any common[…]


What sets you apart?

Being set apart…. Just the idea of this brings meaning or rather “value” to a person’s existence. Think about being described that way. Not quite like “the others.” There’s something special about this one. It’s surely something everyone strives for. I’ve discovered that what most likely sets apart one person from another person is the[…]


Seven Ways to Stand Out

If you’re looking to expose a message, product, service or event, below are seven ways you can get started solid. When used together, they provide the platform you need to promote your message well:  Samples: Provide at least two examples of your finished product or service. These examples give evidence to what you do. Depending on your market type,[…]

samuel free

Free Your Mind…the Right Way!

  It begins with mindset… It is the set of values and beliefs that make up our way of thinking. Everyone has one. This mindset of ours seems to really reveal itself in difficult times however. It reveals itself in the form of our will and emotions. It’s easy to simply say “free your mind,” but to free[…]


Being is Believing

  What does it mean to believe? Is it just a superficial word that has slight significance in a sentence like: “I believe if you take a right you should see it there in front of you.” Just an elegant randomness of thought. Maybe it is a place in which we elevate our thinking to[…]

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Accept the Challenge!

  What challenge are you facing today?’s number one definition of the word is a call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength, etc. Do you have what it takes to accept the challenge? No really, do you have what it takes? Wait, we might first have to go further and ask what is the[…]


The Aftermath…

After promotion comes: Prospering: The only way to prosper is to be set apart, exclusive, original… this means simply: be yourself! Isn’t it wonderful that we were all made so uniquely, so intimately and creatively. It’s really in the realm of reality, the place of being yourself, that things start to occur, isn’t it? The[…]