Strictly Faith!

Misunderstood ever since I was a little girl

Misused, abused, and told don’t you know “this the real world!”

All of your visions, all your dreams should hit the sideline.

Cause If they don’t, don’t you know that You will be left behind 

Behind by who, behind by what well let me break it down 

I was so lost, so very lost, and then I was so found …

Oh not by grace but by RELIGION had wrapped me tight

It said I didn’t have to be wrong if I faked right

And so I faked it, then I made it for a little while

The only thing was that I had forsook the little child.

You know, the one inside of us the one that calls out

The one that says “I don’t belong here, please just me out?”

The little child… the one who is protected by the King.

The one whose silenced when we act like we know everything?

And so, it took a while to hear that little voice inside

The one misunderstood when on another I relied.

For this my sin, the sin is what I call “the fear of man”

It had me sinkin deeper like I was in quicksand.

Now hear my story, the real story cause it gets deep

And God forbid that He returns and catches us asleep

All nestled up and snuggled up up on the inside

With fear, with doubt, but most all just sleeping with our pride

This pride is killing souls he’s slaying Christians left and right

And even though I once was had and lived without sight

It’s possible, my heart is full this is a new day

Because I’m moving forward nothing getting in the way

This pride in Christ’s name, it is cast aside for greater cause

The King protects the real me to Him I owe all applause

Tiffanee Jacob

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