Sinking to Solid… Seriously!

Have you ever wondered just exactly how does someone go from extreme confusion to a place of extreme confidence?

Actually, how often have we even seen this in action? Someone that is completely uncertain and anxious about life, moving into a place of solid capability that enables them to conquer more and more each day. Some of us may know the underlying principles that can shed light on such a dilemma, but have we ever really been shown the exact equation in how to turn in our anxiety and the like, in for something that is more settling, more solid?

This is an introduction to just that. A project, if you will, to see if we can implement simple strategies into our life that will things turn around 180 degrees. The places we will start include our:


Much of the problem is that we don’t trust our intuition. If our intuition is linked to something beyond us, for instance, acting on behalf of our family, we are equipped with more than enough.


Rather our God-given senses. Given to us to help determine whether we are on the right path our not. When we rely on other things, we should avoid neglecting this crucial component to courageousness.


Not home equity either. Our built up inventory of what we’ve done that has added value to our cause, our purpose, and those associated with it. No shame, just facts.


Hope is a tool to fight procrastination, rebellion, and just pain boredom. We get bored from time to time. That’s when finding something new that gives us a surge of hope can prove to be a turning point for many of us.


This is for the ‘glass half full’ optimists. This kind of attention is a much needed and a coveted quality. It gives us the ability to get past the hard stuff and still be able to step out and change the world.


All of the above is a powerful platform to look into in order begin any bold or courageous acts that will follow.

They are constants. If we are ever in a place of confusion, feeling shame, or involved in over-complicated situations and we’re ready to take action to get more focused, confident, and experience more growth, we can be assured we’re always in the right place by starting with these.


Thank you for commenting, subscribing and sharing… what is one way you’ve found divine provision by using your instincts?

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