Simple Unity

Unity and togetherness are not the same. Yes, unity is about coming together… but usually in a way that includes the melding together of to create a harmonious end, whereas togetherness is just being with. It may be a precursor to unity, it may not… Oftentimes it is not.

Togetherness calls for a willingness to be there, to show up. Without that willingness, no one shows up, no one gets together. People in a room are together. Some of us in certain relationships simply find ourselves “together”.

But here is why togetherness rarely leads to unity….

To ask for unity is similar to asking for someone’s hand in marriage. In cases where we are attempting to build, create, or in other words produce… unity is a must. To accomplish unity, what we need more than “togetherness” is vision. A vision large enough for everyone that is together to see. A vision that is communicated clearly and concisely. This could even be accomplished without necessarily being together.

Have you been in a situation recently that needs a harmonious end? Perhaps getting together isn’t the answer. What might be needed is unity. A platform where everyone can agree on the fundamentals. Where you can say, yes, we’re looking at the same thing. Now let’s talk about it.

Start with unity… afterwards there is so much more!


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