Seven Ways to Stand Out

If you’re looking to expose a message, product, service or event, below are seven ways you can get started solid. When used together, they provide the platform you need to promote your message well:

  •  Samples: Provide at least two examples of your finished product or service. These examples give evidence to what you do. Depending on your market type, you may need a variety. Start with at least two.
  • Measuring Systems: Implement a measuring system within your strategy. How many visitors did you have, products did you sell, hits to your website did you get each day? Sign up for an analytic account with google analytics to keep track of your web visits.
  • Nontraditional: Use nontraditional marketing. Think of the most outside of the box idea you can to promote your idea, and go one step beyond that. It’s not ‘traditional’ if you’ve rarely seen it anywhere else. Visit ehow to browse types of nontraditional marketing.
  • Personal Story: What’s your story…your “why” for doing what you do. Based on each persons background, we all have “why’s.” These change depending upon the season of our lives, but nothing really communicates like a story.
  • Consistency: Be consistent. It demands pockets of focused energy and requires you to continuously look at your ultimate vision… the big picture. What’s your vision? If you put out a clear, consistent message that corresponds with your vision, you will get a response.
  • Honesty: You’ve heard of the phrase… “honesty is the best policy.” Make it one of yours. This may go without saying but, be honest. Simply put, honesty is convincing because it is true. There’s nothing more appealing than your true image. So, let your true self appeal to others.
  • Relevancy: One definition for relevant is “connecting with the matter at hand.”  If there is a matter that is close to you right now, chances are there are several more people that matter is close to as well. Gain insight from this, be relevant, and use this to connect with others.

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