Seeing It Through

How can we be effective?

We might think that effectiveness is before or during the completion of the task, but effectiveness is there in the hope of the completion of the task. The possibility of it is there before even starting.

Before starting something, it’s important to say what the outcome will be by giving it a name and being specific.

When things come that will try to stop us from completing the task or getting to the finish line, we already have what the effective end will be and can continue the work in the face of opposition.

This is the only way to lay foundation. Words say a lot. 

Have you ever been faced with opposition when you decided to started something.  Most times we don’t even make the decision, we’re just in the process of when something makes us doubt… stop before even starting.

In the building or growing of one thing there is always the threat of another thing falling apart. It is a constant cycle.

While it is one that builds character and allows us to grow as people (that being the important thing), it seems like a losing battle. Especially when our eyes are not looking forward to what will be.

Looking forward to….

Since we can’t see what will be before or sometimes in the midst of building, we have to say it so that we can hear it, make it tangible in our hearing, and even write it down to make it visual. Looking forward to is to look at it. 

“Write the vision and make it plain…”

This is the beginning of a biblical verse. Itcontinues with… “So that herald can run with it.” We are that herald. And we are the ones who must at first see plainly.

So how can we be effective? By literally seeing a task all the way through. We call it planning. But there is something clearer… and it has to do with vision.


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