Save the Last Dance…

The act of saving doesn’t start with something, but ends with something. Have you ever thought about, for instance, saving money. In this thought process did you think that you needed an amount to start with in order to start saving.
Over the years, I’ve found that saving money starts with nothing… actually below nothing. After all, the reason why many of us are prompted to ‘save’ something is because we’ve incurred an inordinate amount of debt, and do not want to be in that place again.
But what about other things? Perhaps we could use that same vision of ‘not wanting to be in that place’ to help us make wise decisions with our time, actions, and things that lead to a much more desirable place in life.
We all need a goal. We use goals to get to that final place. This is our foundation. Properly done, this is what causes pain to occur because we are actually comparing where we are now to where we want to, wanted to, thought we would be and realizing the effort it will take to get there. What pain have we been avoiding that is keeping us stuck where we are?
When we are in this place, where we can present our case and see if our actions are not exactly matching up with the goals we have set… and agree with it, we’ve been called. This place is our call to step up, stand in the midst of redemption, and use it as an opportunity to make our destiny, our reality. This is the dance we’ve been waiting for, saving for.
Now go. There is only One that has the final say and He will accomplish His purposes with our without us. The goal then becomes to keep dancing!
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