Real Favor

Just like Moses, who was brought into the home of Pharoah, and earned respect during that time … Paul had favor with King Aggripa….the king gave him space to voice his thoughts. Just like Pharoah let Moses “carry on” with his ministry in freeing the Jews before his eyes. Paul recognized this!
When a person’s witness has been developed before our eyes and we’re still willing to discount it… There is a problem. When our own witness is being developed before our eyes and we’re still willing to act as if nothing is happening, there is a problem. And it could be impossible to change this attitude.

God has given us an opportunity for favor. To have a platform for him, that no one can challenge and even kings have to listen to. This occurs through our testimony and the development of our character (personal suffering). This is where God shows up with His power, with His favor.

When we witness the potential for this type of growth and opportunity …It’s hard to believe! Much of us that are invited to this kind (the way the rich man was in Mark 10:17 was when asked to sell everything he had) would rather be stuck in disbelief, discount or outright reject its potential in order to stay comfortable, hold onto our own beliefs, and not have to experience this suffering.

But do we believe? Do we believe in God’s supernatural power to take care of us in our most raw wretched state? Have we invited Him in just enough so He knows we are having a hard time letting go?

The rich man had invited him into this place, but then God challenges him to go further. Are we ready to go further with God… Into this place of favor?


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