Promise Not Compromise

Compromise is helpful… Especially at times when we find ourselves in places where there appears to be no straightforward answer. Where it appears that our best option is coming to some formal conclusion (agreed upon by all the parties). Whether it’s help in resolving a conflict or making a decision, or something else, compromise certainly can help us settle.

And while that may be… after everything is said and done, in a situation involving compromise, sometimes we’re left with something nagging. Something unsettling in an otherwise “settled ” situation.

Maybe it’s something prompting us to go further. Even in the often perceived satisfactory place of compromise, perhaps we can use compromise to look deeper. Using that “unsettled” feeling we’re left with, to dig deeper. Afterall, a genuine look at compromise doesn’t leave a lot of room for hope… yet there is some space.

In this space, this small place where hope resides, there can be found a clue. A simple clue that prompts us to not take the word or state of compromise at face value. Within the word compromise is another word, a word that is especially useful when dealing with matters beyond settling… matters of hope.

Yes, compromise yields an even stronger more dynamic word for us to place our focus on … that word is “promise.” Now there are a lot of things we can hope for with a word like promise, while the word compromise does not provide the same possibilities.

Promise… the key to hope.

Finding hope in an otherwise hopeless situation. Going beyond the seemingly true to find Truth. All of it is hinged on one thing… promise. Promise is described as something that “gives good grounds… an assurance for expecting an occurrence or particular situation.”

When dealing with certain situations, we don’t always get the outcome expected. That’s when we can look beyond compromise to find promise.

What does it mean to be in a place of promise?

1. It is to have hope exercised in discipline and peace

2. To keep ourselves out of bondage… free.

Promise is a certain escape route, especially when everything else seems uncertain. Are you ready to believe in promise. Give up compromise for something more fulfilling… promise.


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