Problem with Perfunctory 

Does this title seems kind of redundant?… Of course being perfunctory is a problem one might say… Perfunctory meaning with hasty performance, routine, without care, negligent, uninterested.

As a matter of fact it’s the opposite of what we are admonished about when it comes to prudent behavior. .. But at least its performance.

Here’s the thing. What happens if perfunctory isn’t even on the radar of our performance? What happens when our work as a housewife, poppa, momma, friend, or worker is at the very best perfunctory? It’s not about the indifference that comes with this characteristic… perhaps we are doing nothing to be indifferent about.

Have you ever been in that stage of your life where you are so uninterested in what it is you are doing, you just have chosen not to do it. Maybe you also feel like what you think you are doing isn’t really the thing you ought to be doing anyway?

Maybe this uninteresting thought of this uninteresting thing has taken up so much of your time and energy that you really don’t have the luxury to be perfunctory nonetheless get bent out of shape about the more “serious” matters in life, the passionate place where real things start to occur.

This is the place we may strive to at least be perfunctory. The problem with this is that we think at least something is getting done. But because of this we may not ever get to the point where we question what’s not getting done… the more important matters that are being neglected. Perfunctory at the critical level.

Sadly the path of perfunctory performance alone will blind us to the reality of what’s happening in and around us.

Yes, the problem of this characteristic seems to be obvious, but we need to beware of its attractiveness in performance, while in a mode of doing nothing. There is a better path…. do not settle.

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