The Deception of Perfection…

Once upon a time there was a princess. Let’s call her Princess Perfect, she lived on a hill and did everything right. To the point where she didn’t have any spots or wrinkles on her.

Her prince came to save her one day, but found out that the princess had everything together. So she didn’t really NEED saving. This need would have motivated the prince. Had this need been present with the princess, the prince would have come much sooner.

Princess Perfect would not have been left alone for so long, but because her name was “Perfect,” (and she had to own her title,didn’t she?) … she was alone, left asking herself the questions… “Who am I?”, “Why am I a princess?”, and

What is perfect anyway?

The truth was that Princess Perfect had been told as a child who she was and how to play the part, but she never really understood what the part of ‘perfect’ really looked like.

So now she begs the question. She needs to know. Her desire to be naturally connected with another human being trumps even her own ideas of life as she knows it.

So what would you tell her? What does ‘perfect’ look like to you?


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