Our Greatest Desire

What is your greatest desire?

Not as in temptation…. but, desire? A desire is an expressed wish. A temptation is something that we don’t necessarily ask for, but tries to creep in anyway. God gives us the desires or “wants” of our hearts. This has two meanings. First, He not only puts them there (as in ‘give’), but He also fulfills those same desires.

So what is our greatest desire? They are different for everyone. But one thing that is the same are the ways that invite us to obtain them. There are seven simple ways to take hold of the promises of God.

  1. Try: Trying is only taking that first step to ask, knock, seek. It’s not about trying over and over again to ask, seek, knock. After the initial “try”, all we have to do is hold onto the willingness that it took to do it the first time and then continue until we reach our end goal.
  2. Give: We can give of what we’ve been given. No more, no less. So what do we have to give? Well, if there is anything that we notice someone else needs or even wants of ours. Peace, prosperity, happiness, diligence, property, family, singleness… What is it? We are all perceptive enough to know when someone is ‘admiring’ something that we have.
  3. Trust: Do not worry, especially in adversity. This is where opportunity arises. In adversity is where trust is needed most. A good way to do this is to take cover. Get away from that which will cause you to worry most and take cover in the promises of the Word of God. This is how we take cover.
  4. Commit: Whatever it is that we’ve committed to, we can stick with it and go all the way. An easier way to do this is by asking the question: “How do my plans affect others?” Those closest to us. Our neighbors. How will they benefit (or not) from them. It’s good to keep this in the back of our minds as we carry out the day to day tasks that will get us to our end goals. This helps to keep us on track.
  5. Act: Outwardly. We don’t have reveal all of our thoughts, feelings to the outside world, however, we can tactfully live and do the things we normally do throughout the day while we are going through it, whatever ‘it’ is. There will always be something to go through to reach our greatest desire. It’s worth it. And it’s worth it to keep on moving. One way to reveal through action is by serving others.
  6. Wait: Sometimes there’s nothing we can do. As in tight situations. This is especially true of family situations. When we get angry, what are we gonna do? Leave? Not if we’ve committed. What are we going to do? Try harder? We try, but it is not for us to keep trying (rather try first then wait). So what do we do? We wait… until the opportune time and the environment is conducive to reconciliation, to growth, to moving forward, with everyone involved. Sometimes this means waiting on or ‘serving’ those closest to us.
  7. Sense: We can use our senses. Senses help us to determine what is advantageous and what is not. By doing some of the things above, we can quickly find out what is the best way to go to reach our greatest desire. God gave us our senses, which are great gifts. But He also gave us The greatest gift of all in the Holy Spirit. All we have to do is ask. The Holy Spirit not only gives us wisdom to help us to reach our greatest desire, but also to share our success with others. Sharing is not only caring. It’s also the wise thing to do :)

Have any practical solutions to reaching your greatest desire? Please leave your comments!


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One thought on “Our Greatest Desire

  • Instead of mentioning GOD , say Jesus or Yeshua in your blogs and end them by saying ( you can trust Jesus with your life , He loves you and wants to heal you /save you.

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