Mercy is Yours

Mercy is available…

To the one who is drowning in hopelessness
To the one where the days seem dark.

To him who has an eager want and desires to hear.

Mercy is available…

To the person who has previously shut out the Maker. Return, return to His camp.

To the one who’s been shamed, caught in a whirlwind… come back!

The LORD is mighty and mighty to save.

You who done wicked in the past, let it go, do not return.

Mercy is available,

But for a little longer…
Let mercy encamp around you like a child in need. Let it take over your soul like a fresh spring in the winter.

Before it’s gone. Do what you can for and with mercy. Let it be your resource.

Let mercy listen to your need and become a companion to heal your wounds.

Let it shine through the darkness and provide a light for you to see …

To see the possible things to come.

Mercy desires to make a home, to show the way.

Let it have its perfect work…

Through mercy be restored.

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