Masterpieces and Motivation

Do you have someone in your life who is always there? Perhaps a friend …

Or maybe they are not always there, but they come to mind whenever something challenging comes around?

Just the idea of this friend creates the illusion of enough support, that you end up emboldened in whatever task you’re performing.

This distinction of friendship helps us separate the good relationships from the great ones. Identify the individuals that we were meant to experience life with rather than simply “shoot the breeze”, “pass the time” or “chase cars” with.

We have a final destination we could lose track of when failing to be a part of, or in other words, experiencing life… and experiencing life has to be done with others.

Imagine trying to uncover a piece of art covered with leaves and grass, maybe branches, and vines… In our lives we are unveiling a piece of art. How wonderful it is to have someone there that’s going to help us sift and lift the pieces. Underneath everything we find what has been awaiting us all along. A masterpiece… a work of art that is revealed over time for us to put on display for the world (at least our world) to see.

We have all of the things to create a life well lived… and it may make for amazing stories. But it always takes a distinct relationship to bring our story to life, communicate varying perspectives of, and possibly carry it into the future…

Don’t let your life begin and end with a story… start with relationship and be lead to something much greater.

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